Akay Optic – Kyrenia Main Branch

At Akay Optic in Kyrenia you’ll find a vast selection of world wide top brands and people come here for fashion sunglasses, glasses, watches and gorgeous jewellery. When entering north Cyprus’s largest optician store you are struck by the amount of top-class brands on sell here as the shelves on the two floors are full of glasses and sunglasses from brands like Ray-Ban and Polaroid, watches from the Swiss brand Swatch and jewellery brands like Pandora and Swarovski.

Akay Optics is the leading retailer of glasses, sunglasses, watches and accessories in North Cyprus. The products are from some of the world’s best brands and are carefully selected and imported from the most prestigious fashion houses in countries like France and Italy. The professional experts at Akay Optic regularly visit exhibition in big cities around the world to select the most fashionable and high quality products for their stores.

The family business Akay Optic was founded already in 1942 by a watchmaker and optician who is the father and grandfather of todays owners Yüksel and Seza Akay. Today Akay Optic owns seven shops around North Cyprus and their many years of experience together with their high quality products make them the top choice for glasses and accessories in the north part of the island. They also have an online store from where your orders are delivered already the next day. Due to very competitive prices, Akay Optic offers these world known brands a lot cheaper than South Cyprus and Europe making the stores highly popular among tourists as well.

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