Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Pompous Apostolos Andreas Monastery is one of the most important historic treasures of Cyprus. The monastery was first built in the 12th century, however back then in a smaller version than the magnificent sight it is today. The church that accompanies the building is believed to have been built in the 18th century. Due to a legend about St. Andrew this became a holy place and ended up as the chosen site for the great building. The name Apostolos Andreas Monastery comes from St Andrew. This is also believed to be the place where the ruler of Cyprus in the late 1100s Isaac Komnenos lost to Richard The Lionheart.

Located near the edge of the stunning Karpaz Peninsula, the surrounding landscape couldn’t be prettier. An important site for both Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, restoration recently took place in cooperation between Turk and Greek Cypriot entrepreneurs. Today this is an important place for both pilgrimers and tourists.