Gardens of Babel Guest House

Babel Guest House welcomes you to an unforgettable stay among greenery and serenity in their beautiful location right next to the Kyrenia Mountains in Lapta. This homely guesthouse is run by the owners of Gardens of Babel Café, known by many locals and expats for its fresh and organic vegetables and plants that create tasty meals and a peaceful garden setting. They have decided it is time to share this location and pleasant environment with nature lovers to experience a unique hotel stay.

The guesthouse evokes a majestic impression with its gorgeous archways and two-storey design. Inside you find spacious guest-rooms with private bathrooms and balconies, equipped with all necessities for complete comfort. The Guest House comes in a mix of Ottoman and British styles that create a luxurious, unique and pretty interior design. Babel Guest House offers the kind of luxury that you get from being immersed in nature and away from every day cares, all while enjoying a stylish guesthouse with true comforts.

Relaxing bird sounds and beautiful fragrances from nature await you in the lush garden. Babel Guest House is designed to provide calmness and nurture the soul, making this a truly unique guesthouse. Care of the nature is at the centre of their vision, as the educated and experienced landscaper owners make sure nature is not harmed while growing organic vegetables in the garden where no pesticides or chemicals is used. These tasty and healthy vegetables are off course part of the generous breakfast that is served in the guesthouse or the café each morning.