Baldoken Ottoman Graveyard

Baldoken Ottoman Graveyard is located in central Kyrenia, next to St Andrews Angelican Church and Kyrenia’s main carpark area. The graveyard once covered a large area of land and today you can see the remains of a small part of the original graveyard, however still a very intriguing and interesting place to visit. The main attraction is the beautiful Turbe, which is Turkish for a mausoleum or place where Ottoman royals or people of importance rest. There are also several graves made from stone worth a visit.

Originally a graveyard only for soldiers, Bakdolen Ottoman Graveyard became a resting place also for non-soldiers in the 1700’s. It was then called Islam Graveyard but today the name is Baldoken Ottoman Graveyard. The stone graves are surrounded by trees and plants and together with its historical importance this create a fascinating place.