Bellapais Monastery

The small village of Bellapais often ends up being many tourists’ favourite place in North Cyprus. No wonder, as this picturesque village located 5 km from Kyrenia and 220 meters above sea level offers stunning views and gorgeous old buildings. Bellapais Abbey is one of them. This charming abbey is the ruins of a monastery built in the 1200’s by the Latin Church and is worth a visit for its rich history as well as its beauty. Embedded in the greenery of the Kyrenia Mountains and with an impressive gothic architecture, Bellapais Abbey is hard not to marvel at. The name originates from the french words ’Belle pais’, meaning beautiful country. Still today this describes the place well as the ambiance around the abbey is beautifully and romantically peaceful.

For a complete experience of Bellapais Abbey a visit to the museum is recommended, located inside the abbey. In connection to the Monastery you also find a restaurant and café. In early summer Bellapais Abbey hosts concerts and local music festivals.