Bildiğin Meyhane

Bildiğin Meyhane is a warm and friendly restaurant in central Nicosia where locals and visitors gather for a taste of the traditional Cypriotic meze. This popular Meyhane hosts small friend groups or families as well as large parties. Whether you are looking to indulge on a normal weekday or celebrate a special occasion, Bildiğin Meyhane are sure to provide you with a great food experience. The friendly waiters will fill your table with countless delicacies such as halloumi, olives, fresh vegetables, white cheeses, hummus, almonds, egg, break and great quality meat. If you are looking for a truly authentic experience make sure to also try the traditional drink raki.

The ceiling and the lamps are made of wicker which give the venue a warm and cosy atmosphere. The white and red checked cloths that cover the tables are surrounded by laughter and pleasant chatter most evenings as the popularity of Bildiğin Meyhane is just growing. The high quality food and great service make this a must visit when in central Nicosia. Traditional Cypriotic dancing and singing take place a few evening every week as so commonly at a Meyhane.

Monday: 18:00 - Until Late
Tuesday: 18:00 - Until Late
Wednesday: 18:00 - Until Late
Thursday: 18:00 - Until Late
Friday: 18:00 - Until Late
Saturday: 18:00 - Until Late
Sunday: 18:00 - Until Late