Budak Patisserie

Budak Patisserie, a family business through generations, opened as a cafe and bakery back in the 1950’s and is today run by grandsons who continue the tradition to work in their grandfathers footsteps, ensuring that their business not only continues but also flourishes, stronger than ever before. The destination bakery which serves fresh and delectable cookie classics with mouth-watering fillings and nuts as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

Budak Patisserie specialises in wedding and occasion cakes and with high demand, now considered one of the best cake shops in Cyprus. From miniature works of art to huge layered inspirational cakes, straight from innovative creative skilled hands. Customise your order to your own signature style of bakes, pastries and cakes.

Delivery service is available between 9 am and 5 pm.

Monday: 09:30 - 23:00
Tuesday: 09:30 - 23:00
Wednesday: 09:30 - 23:00
Thursday: 09:30 - 23:00
Friday: 09:30 - 23:00
Saturday: 10:30 - 23:00
Sunday: Closed