Camelot Beach Club

Camelot Beach Club in Alsancak is a hip place to spend hot summer days under the sun. A place where you go to relax and forget about your day to day life, where it’s all about enjoying life, being in the moment and soaking up the sea, sand and sun.

Camelot has a restaurant where many come to visit for the good food while enjoying the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach below the restaurant is divided in two parts; a large stretch of wooden decking ending with a pier, and a long sandy part ending with a wave breaker. Here you find a shack for scuba divers that flock on the beach getting ready to discover the wonders beneath the surface of the sea.

Camelot is very popular amongst students and a younger crowd that likes to have fun whilst in the sun. Summers here offer beach parties from morning through the night with Bill Dalton and Huser performing chill-out, deep house, tech sets and more.