Church of Sts. Peter & Paul

Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is one of the largest Gothic churches in Famagusta and was built in honour of the two saints who also gave it its name, St. Peter and St. Paul. The church is originally Latin and was at the start of its life in the late 1300’s connected to the royal palace. With impressive Gothic ornaments and an intriguing history this beautiful building is definitely worth a visit.

Even though originally a church, Church of Sts. Peter and Paul has served different causes throughout the centuries. When the Ottomans arrived in Cyprus they turned the church in to Sinan Pasha Mosque. The Brisith used the building for storing potatoes and grains which gave it the name ’the wheat mosque’ for a short period of time. During the 20th century the building has been used as a petrol store, as Famagusta’s town hall and as a dance hall. Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is rather untouched throughout history and therefore a great example of historic architecture.