Cyprus in Miniature

If you are short of time while in Northern Cyprus there is a way to tick off all important historical sites at once. Perhaps not as magnificent as the originals, and certaintly not as great in size, Miniature Cyprus is still an impressive attraction to explore while in the country. The small park is home to 15 miniature sculptures of well-known buildings across Northern Cyprus, made of steel and fibre glass. Since its opening in 2015 Miniature Cyprus has become a very popular tourist attraction.

Standing in the green park are models of Salamis Ampitheatre, Kyrenia Castle, Hala Sultan Mosque, Apostolos Andreas Monastery and Büyük Han, to name a few, all impressively alike the originals even though smaller in size. Located at Panagia Pergminiotissa Church near Tatlisu, its convenient location makes for a good stop on the way out to beautiful Karpaz. Miniature Cyprus is an exciting and fun activity for the whole family, as both old and young can enjoy this outdoor museum park. Cyprus in Miniature is open everyday between 08:00 and 18:00.