Deli Gassap Restaurant

Treat yourself to a feast at the extremely popular and highly rated Deli Gassap Restaurant in Kyrenia. Their vision is to provide food that makes your taste buds dance as well as a friendly experience, and no doubt they are succeeding. Tables full of delicacies like juicy meat, steaks, kebabs, fresh salads, Cypriotic cheese, olives and sauces attract customers each day for special occasions or to simply brighten up ordinary weekdays.

When entering the restaurant you immediately find yourself in a cheerful and fun environment. There are smiles on every face in here, everyone from the master chefs in the kitchen to the quick waiters moving around the tables spread joy that is contagious for any visitor. They surely have reasons to smile. Deli Gassap Restaurant is known for high standard meat as well as excellent service.

The bright venue can host many guests and that is exactly what happens every day at this well-known and appreciated restaurant. With white walls and red tables and chairs the interior design is a beautiful sight as well. There is a large backside outdoor seating area for warmer days and the big windows on the inside are opened giving you a light breeze. Deli Gassap Restaurant is a safe bet for anyone looking for a genuine and delicious meat experience.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11:00 - Until Late
Wednesday: 11:00 - Until Late
Thursday: 11:00 - Until Late
Friday: 11:00 - Until Late
Saturday: 11:00 - Until Late
Sunday: 11:00 - Until Late