Flyboard Kyrenia

If flying like a superhero in the air is a dream of yours, it can come true just outside the coast of Kyrenia. This is where Flyboard Kyrenia hosts enthusiasts and new beginners of the exhilirating water sport flyboard.

At first glance this may look like a sport only for daredevils but is actually worth a go for anyone looking for a thrilling experience as flyboarding is easy to learn. You will be standing on a board, strapped to it, and connected to a hose that produces the water pressure that puts you 21 meters up in the air. New beginners often stay at six meters. For the experienced flyboarders flips and impressive dives are commonly performed to add to the fun.

Flyboard Kyrenia offers lessons of about 20 minutes, dependent on how much the student can handle as many muscles are being used. Flyboard Kyrenia is always excited to introduce new beginners to this adrenaline producing water sport.