GoodYear – Çocuk Tyre Main Branch

Yusuf Çocuk Ltd. is a Goodyear tyre shop, dealer and showroom in North Cyprus capital city Nicosia offering a team of experts with +20 years combined experience and competitive prices on a wide range of Goodyear Tyres that will suit all your driving needs. Having built trusted customer relationships based on reliability and professional services as well as a tradition of car safety, the family-run Çocuk GoodYear has become one of the leading tyre companies in North Cyprus.

The comprehensive tyre fitting service specialists in the supply, fit and service of a huge range for both private car owners and large commercial fleets. Supplying tyres for all vehicles, from cars to motorcycles the huge range available include; car tyres, branded tyres, budget tyres, high performance tyres, 4×4 tyres, winter tyres, motorcycle tyres, tyre puncture repairs and checks.

The GoodYear Tyre Store is recommended by experts with tyres you can trust, motivated by the values and years of commitment to which they owe their success. Great service, reliability and the famous “customer first” guarantee that built their brand. If you happen to get any tyre problems whilst on the road, Yusuf Çocuk Tyre Store is just a phone call away with road assistance tyre service through out all of North Cyprus between 07:30 and 23:00 seven days a week.

Experts in Tyre Solutions:

When you choose Goodyear Oxygene, you’ll choose a concept tyre designed to support cleaner and more convenient urban mobility.

Innovative Technology – Driving Confidence:
The intelligent choice for North Cyprus. Choose Goodyear for one of the largest selections of premium performance tyres trusted by car manufacturer experts.

Tyres for all seasons: 

Discover the tyre models dedicated to all different kind models with the responsiveness you expect – each and every visit.

Monday: 07:30 - 17:30
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