Hodri Meyhane

Hodri Meyhane is a restaurant that is located in Gonyeli, Nicosia. It is mainly focused on serving its customers with delicious Cypriot style mezes and ottoman style kebab options.

This place can be honestly called one of the best in Nicosia in terms of a superior eating experience that they provide by their tasty food, nice and cozy atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff and live music entertainment – these all will take you to a whole new level of a fine dining!

Hodri Meyhane is definitely the place where you want to go with your family and friends to have a lovely evening together.

Famous Turkish raki is the main drink that is being ordered by costumers usually. You should try it along with your meal here – you absolutely won’t regret your choice!


Monday: 19:30 - 1:00
Tuesday: 19:30 - 1:00
Wednesday: 19:30 - 1:00
Thursday: 19:30 - 1:00
Friday: 19:30 - 1:00
Saturday: 19:30 - 1:00
Sunday: 19:30 - 1:00