Ilgaz Village Breakfast Restaurant

Ilgaz Köy Kahvaltısı, The Ilgaz Village Breakfast Restaurant, is a place to go for tourists and locals alike.

You will enjoy the local village meals in this charming restaurant which is at the top of the village. The restaurant, which is open every day of the week, is most famous for their breakfast! Their daily freshly made village breads, different types of jams, fruit juices, breakfasts, dinners and many other dishes are home produced and presented to their guests in an unique scenery.

Please make a table reservation for weekend breakfasts.

Monday: 08:30 - 22:00
Tuesday: 08:30 - 22:00
Wednesday: 08:30 - 22:00
Thursday: 08:30 - 22:00
Friday: 08:30 - 22:00
Saturday: 08:30 - 22:00
Sunday: 08:30 - 22:00