Jashan Restaurant

Jashan is one of the Indian restaurants which has been around the longest in North Cyprus. The restaurant serves colourful Indian dishes prepared by the Pakistani and Indian chefs who know how to conjure with spices to create the flavours typical of the country in the east.

The restaurant’s menu also has European dishes, in other words, there is something for the whole family. Another specialty is the many tandoori dishes you can choose from, cooked by a special chef. For food you can choose from local and international beers, and a wide range of Italian, South African and Turkish wines.

The restaurant is located in a building that was originally a residential building, making the atmosphere even more cosy and relaxed. There are two rooms with dining capacity for a total of 60 people. During the summer months tables are set up under the open air in the garden. Here you can as a guest enjoy a wonderful dining experience with the tinkling sound of the garden fountain in the background. In the summertime there is dancing and entertainment at least once a week.

Monday: 17:30-22:30
Tuesday: 17:30-22:30
Wednesday: 17:30-22:30
Thursday: 17:30-22:30
Friday: 17:30-22:30
Saturday: 17:30-22:30
Sunday: 17:30-22:30