Kantara Castle

Kantara Castle is one of several important castles in Cyprus built to defend the island. Believed to have been built in the 10th century by the Byzantines the castle served its purpose for a few centuries before turning into a garrison where defeated soldiers stayed. It is assumed that Kantara Castle was abandoned in the 16th century making it an intriguing place today as the remains look pretty much the same as 500 years ago! Restorations have been made to keep the site safe.

The name Kantara comes from Arabic and means ’arch’. Beautifully located in the mountains surrounded by greenery the castle offers great views from every angle, making this a popular place to take in the beauty of Cyprus. It is possible to see the Karpaz peninsula and on clear days the mountains of Turkey are visible in the distance. Kantara Castle’s location is quite low compared to other castles on the island and is therefore easily accessible by car.