Khephal Fish Restaurant

Khephal Fish Restaurant, which is under the same roof as Kömür Steak & Ocakbaşı, provides diners with the rich seafood and mezes of Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish cuisines and most importantly the Cypriot cuisine. Khephal, on the Püsküllü bay, is a location dominated by blue and white colors, commanding the most beautiful view in Girne.

Khephal Fish Restaurant has a sister restaurant called Kömür Steak & Ocakbaşı.

Monday: 18:00 - Until Late
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 18:00 - Until Late
Thursday: 18:00 - Until Late
Friday: 18:00 - Until Late
Saturday: 18:00 - Until Late
Sunday: 18:00 - Until Late