Küçük Rent a Car & Petrol

Rent a car from Küçük Rent a Car and drive from coast to coast in north Cyprus with smile on your lips, with the best car rental dedication at every turn. You rent a lot more than a car when you drive with Küçük Rent a Car. A flexible and affordable car rental company that match quality vehicles and service guarantee with honest economy prices.

Küçük Car Rental has plenty of offers and gives you up to 35% price discount on rentals as well as 20% of airport pick ups and transfer. Wheels, wherever and whenever you need it, with a total committed 24/7 call helpline, customer support and roadside assistance assurance. Here you can chose from a wide range of vehicles on offer, from city hatchbacks, saloons, SUV’s and minibuses, sport cars and 4×4’s without having to pay for any credit card fees.

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