Kyrenia Castle

Have you ever received a postcard from Northern Cyprus? If so you will probably remember the picturesque scene on the front of the card depicting the historic Kyrenia harbour with its iconic castle which has been guarding the harbour for several hundred years, and is one of Cyprus’s brightest stars on the tourist map.

High up on the thick golden walls you can take a stroll around and take in the beautiful views of the Mountain range, the azure blue Mediterranean Sea and the romantic setting of the half-moon shaped Harbour. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful views.

The castle was built in 330 AD but has been rebuilt at various times after that.

Inside the huge courtyard you find yourself in an environment that bears traces of the distant past. Here you can get a light lunch or a coffee. A must is to visit the museum which is located in one of the castle halls which displays a shipwreck of a 2300 year old merchant ship.