Macitler Furniture

Macitler is the furniture shop where you can expect to find the most prestige furniture and home accessories on the market. This Turkish brand is well-known and widely popular around the world with stores on almost every continent. Due to their high quality products and impressive services Macitler keeps expanding all around the globe. In their shop in Karaoğlanoğlu in Kyrenia you will find their great products and services as the store is stocked with ther top-quality products and staff that knows their area well.

The spacious store is full of gorgeous tables, couches, bookshelves and beds as well as stunning decorations that go well with the furniture. The experts at Macitler have designed the shop so that you get inspiration for how to decorate each room in your house. Macister can definitely design your dream home. Based on your ideas and wishes, the experts design your dream furniture in 3D so that you will see the result before getting the actual furniture. Macitler can truly guarantee customer satisfaction.

With more than 30 years of experience in the business Macister is a top-choice for those looking for furniture. Their products always come in the latest trends and designs and are all from high-quality materials. They also offer post sales services for your convenience. Excellent service is truly offered throughout the process of decorating your dream home.

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Tuesday: 09:00 - 19:00
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