Medical Port Tunççevik Hospital

Medical Port Tunççevik Hospital is your top choice for world-class healthcare in Kyrenia. With many years of experience and highly educated medical practitioners this hospital offers professional treatmeants of several different health conditions. Medical Port Tunççevik Hospital started out as a prestigious and appreciated hospital for maternity and childcare in 2004 and is today as highly regarded as a fully equipped hospital. Surrounded by beautiful greenery and stunning views of the Kyrenia Mountains and the sea, Medical Port Tunççevik Hospital is located in a tranquil environment. The sun illuminates the beautifully decorated facilities and displays a bright and welcoming atmosphere throughout the hospital. This atmosphere is amplified by the kind staff that are always willing to make your stay or visit as comfortable as possible. To provide world-class care with compassion is at the centre of their vision and for complete comfort the patient rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom, satellite tv and a sitting room area for patient’s visitors.

The hospital services include neurology, dermatology, general internal medicine, infectious diseases department, general surgery, eye health and disease, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and traumatology, pediatric surgery, child health and diseases, urology, medical laboratory and radiology, clinical psychologist, dietitian, endoscopy, gastroscopy and ERCP, an outpatient clinic as well as a 24/7 Emergency Department. They also offer annual medical check ups for different age groups where you can detect early signs of serious conditions. With state of art technology Medical Port Tunççevik Hospital is fully equipped for the most professional healthcare.

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