The Meyhane Restaurant

The Meyhane Restaurant located in Zeytinlik, Kyrenia, is a great example of a place where you can get traditional high-quality Cypriot food experience. It can definitely be called one of the most popular and beloved places in North Cyprus for its authentic mezes, chicken and meat dishes, vegetarian options as well as delicious desserts.

You will be amazed by the great value that The Meyhane Restaurant offers to its customers: friendly and entertaining atmosphere, wonderful service and smiley personnel – will make you want to come again.

The Restaurant is usually very crowded during weekends, so if you decide to go there and have an enjoyable evening you better give a call and make a table reservation in advance. If you haven’t tried it already, believe us – you definetely should!

Monday: 17:00 - 1:00
Tuesday: 17:00 - 1:00
Wednesday: 17:00 - 1:00
Thursday: 17:00 - 1:00
Friday: 17:00 - 1:00
Saturday: 17:00 - 1:00
Sunday: 13:00 - 1:00