Niazi’s Restaurant Kyrenia

Niazi’s is primarily known for inventing the signature menu Full Kebab. The concept that’s inspired by both Cypriot and Turkish cuisine is a mix of charcoal grilled seftali, köfte, shish kebab, chicken köfte and lamb chops served with hot and cold mezes. Through the years, Full Kebab has become its own creation and the increased popularity has lead it to spread all over Cyprus.

But to enjoy the original you must visit one of Niazi’s restaurants! Here all the meat is grilled in front of the guests on an open charcoal grill that stands in the middle of the room. The meat is locally produced by “free range farming” in Cyprus, and the flavours are the result of decades of experience and tradition. A wide selection of international and Turkish wines is served with the food, and desserts can be chosen from the open buffet with lots of homemade sweet pastries.

Niazi’s Restaurant is getting widely popular, also with the European guests. The customer is always the focus and the service is attentive and thorough. In addition, the venue is incredibly cosy and homely, while it is large and open, so that you as a guest can enjoy a peaceful Cypriot dining experience.