The Old Town of Famagusta

The Old Town of Famagusta is filled with enough history to be called a big outdoor museum. Here you walk among ruins in a romantic ambience, filled with palm trees and bougainvillea flowers. Several countries have ruled the city through the centuries, which have left its imprints in buildings and architecture.

The Old Town is surrounded by a stone wall built by the Lusignans in the 1300’s. What makes the wall so special is that it is so well preserved and intact. If one wants to take a stroll down history lane the city wall is a good place to start. At the south west gate you can park your car and walk up the cobblestone coated incline up to the top of the wall. From here you have a magnificent view over the Old Town with the serene Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Another place one should see is the field at the wall’s north west bastion. The pointed defences, which protrudes from the castle bank, is designed by a Venetian architect and build in the mid 1500’s. The Church of the Carmelite’s and the Armenian Church are standing in the middle of the field, old and beaten by time, but still beautiful to look at. If you look closely you will discover  details in the architecture, in the walls and the ceiling, typical for its time.