Paragliding Kyrenia

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year North Cyprus is the perfect place for paragliding as great conditions and views are offered all year round. The crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, the stunning Kyrenia Mountain range and stretches of greenery are examples of things to be marveled at from up in the air. In this epic location Highline Air Tours offers tandem paragliding for all levels. With more than 16 000 tandem flights and 25 years of experience the licensed instructor Özgur Gokasan will take you on the fly of your life. A flight lasts between 15-45 minutes and the services included are tandem paragliding, paragliding equipment, single pilot transport, guiding and aerial photography. To soar in the sky is truly an exhilarating way to experience life, and North Cyprus! Visit their Kyrenia harbor office for more information and bookings.