Radyo Juke

Tune-in to Radyo Juke and catch hosts playing the best Turkish music together with special appearances and interviews from all over the island. For the best music lifestyle, follow them to outside events, beach parties, occasion parties, grand openings accompanied by special-occasion DJ hosting services. 

Wave-after-wave of superior sound quality, melodic brand creativity and of course their own style, comes from diverse music experts and a highly equipped station network studio. Juke’s extensive audience broadcast network, design and productive programs aim to inspire the stamp of innovation with top announcement lists and a major broadcasting crew that all go-with-the-flow.

Offering you a great radio experience and compilations of Turkish Pop Music, latest grooves, past experiences, earthy sounds, nostalgia and years of friendships with studio-quality Turkish Radio. Bringing you the difference, they are in the loop by knowing the mainstream audience taste to play what you want to hear on your radio station. 

Radyo Jukes journey is always ahead of time and momentum – so the song or tune that you have in mind or in your heart is on their playlist. Catch the non-stop vibes by checking out Radyo Juke channel broadcasting on 90.9 in Kyrenia, 99.8 in Nicosia or by downloading their application on App Store and Google Play.