The Round Tower

The Round Tower is a must visit when in Kyrenia. This old building has been standing here since the 1300s when it was built to defend Kyrenia against Arab invasion. Today it holds a souvenir boutique and centuries of intriguing history. Originally part of a long city wall The Round Tower was built from stone from a nearby Roman city that had been abandoned and is today one of the most popular spots to visit in Kyrenia. The tower was not well maintained throughout the centuries and by the time the Ottomans came to the island the area was safe enough that no upkeep of the city wall and its towers was needed. In 1987 restoration of the round tower took place, but the historic look of being left untouched for centuries remains.

Since the restoration in the late 1980’s The Round Tower has been an art gallery and a popular souvenir boutique. This historical setting is the perfect place to find precious memories to bring back from an island so rich in history.