Salamis Ruins

Salamis ruins are a must visit when in North Cyprus. The ancient site on Cyprus’ east coast is so well preserved. Columns, marble floors, walls and even statues are still intact! You can walk for hours here soaking up all the history. Among other things that can be found here, are the remains of a large sports stadium, swimming pools, public toilets for up to 44 people, a large amphitheatre, a temple dedicated to Zeus and much more. The day I first visited Salamis it was very hot, so I did not go around the whole city, but believe me, it was great.

Excavations show that the history of the ancient city of Salamis goes back as far as 1000 BC. Salamis was one of the great cities of the eastern Mediterranean and served as an important trading post. The architecture shows that many different kingdoms ruled here through the years.

An advice is to take good pair of walking shoes, plenty of water and plenty of time when visiting the Salamis ruins. In the area there is both a restaurant and picnic area, there is also a beach if you would like to take a refreshing dip. Entrance to the area only costs a few Turkish lira and there is a lot of information to take in.