Salamis Ruins

When entering the well known and popular historical site Salamis Ruins you straight away get a feeling of greatness. The tall pillars reaching up towards the skys have definitely been worn by time, but despite this they still today emanate a sense of magnificence that makes one wonder of their glory back in the day when Salamis was the capital of Cyprus. The ruins cover an area of one square mile and the ancient remains you see when walking around here are truly breathtaking. Impressive and gorgeously made marble statues are standing among the pillars and the great theatre, with fifty rows and a capacity of 15 000 people, is a spectacular sight.

Among the ancient remains there is greenery that adds to Salamis beauty. These patches of greenery are actually areas that have not yet been excavated. With its location near the sea this historical site also offers stunning views of the blue sea in places. Immensely popular, this is a must on any visit to North Cyprus.