Sevinç Gold & Diamonds

Sevinç Gold & Diamonds in Nicosia has the trending engagement rings, wedding rings, watches and other kind of jewellery. The perfect piece’s for yourself and the jewelry to celebrate and commemorate special occasions. No matter what your budget, discover your next quality piece of jewellery with the seal of loyalty. Sevinç Jewellers has made lasting memories with their devoted customers where great customer experience comes first and foremost.

Sevinç Diamond & Gold offering a showcase of high quality jewellery on display. One of the broadest selections of men’s and women’s watches around town.

With genuine pieces of gold and diamonds in engagement rings, bands, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, you can be sure to find the perfect purchase at Sevinç Jewelers. Experts in custom design, repair jewelry, add stone services or create engravings.

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