Stretch For Life

Stretch for Life is a pilates and yoga studio in Kyrenia centre. Pilates exercises builds a strong core designed to improve posture and correct balances in the body. They aim to strengthen the weaker, more unused muscles and realize the higher ones. Pilates can help make your abs stronger and give you better muscular endurance. It does also help you focus, breathe and move with grace and flexibility. Stretch for Life has become the destination for those looking for a stress buster or for people seeking body pain relief.

The exercises are done in groups and the memberships are very reasonable priced that includes two sessions per week. The classes are led by a well experienced and motivating trainer that will help you work on your body and soul.

At Stretch for Life’s brand-new premises, there are also Tower Reformer machines, available by appointment, for those looking to do extra workout. It is a modern world-wide popular body work-out machine where instructor will guide you throughout the sessions.