Tomgüsehan Accountant

The corporative accountants at Tomgüsehan Accountant will arrange all important accounting issues for your company. With 21 years of experience this family business has a long record of successful work for clients all over the north part of the island, and offers professional assistance when opening companies, establishing companies, for taxation processes, in VAT matters, for social insurances, for work and business permits and for licenses such as alcohol license.

Apart from assisting you in all common accounting issues, Tomgüsehan Accountant also has a lawyer and a certificate officer at their company making sure their clients get all the services they need under one roof. There are many important documents and licenses to arrange when establishing a business but with the professional help from Tomgüsehan Accountant this will be an easy task. Here all necessary documents can be signed and you will get help recieving all your licences. Two accountants, one lawyer and one certificate officer work tirelessly for your convenience and are passionate about helping their clients with accounting matters.

The multilingual accountants at Tomgüsehan Accountant speak English, Turkish, Spanish, German and Russian and have therefore a wide range of happy clients. The experienced accountants always walk the extra mile for you making them a very appreciated and renowned corporative accounting firm in North Cyprus.

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+90 392 816 12 55 – Landline
+90 533 867 75 60 – Mobile

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