Veles Property

Veles property is an independent real estate agency who understand perfectly what an investor needs and believes that buying an overseas property is an important step, which requires special attention with an individual approach. With an excellent knowledge of the real estate market in Northern Cyprus, astute professionalism, an impeccable reputation, and an attentive attitude to clients, distinguish them uniquely.

Working together with the best lawyers and notaries, the confidentiality and security of each transaction is ensured. Cooperation with Veles is guaranteed working on the side of the Purchaser, legally and physically, protecting your interests and building long-term partnerships.

They work to ensure that when you choose your future home, you already feel at home! Their experts will accompany you at every stage of your home purchase, making sure you feel confident and comfortable communicating and working with them. They prefer to take the time and understand your needs and wishes, rather than follow the tactics of “persuading and pressure”. Therefore, Veles immediately and openly declare, that they do not offer “incredible discounts, gifts or super-cheap apartments and houses”. They provide professional service and honesty in your relationship!

Moreover, they offer after-sales service comprising of all the essentials required. They not only sell real estate but will also organise your holidays in North Cyprus! Veles’ partner company, Antey Tour Ltd. offers you a wide selection of hotels in Cyprus and Turkey, air tickets from anywhere in the world, unique excursions to the northern part of the island of Cyprus, including detailed information about Northern Cyprus.

The attentive and professional staff will organize your trip to North Cyprus in the best way! They are ecstatic to have the opportunity to open for their clients a completely new, undiscovered and happier way of life abroad!
Do not feel overwhelmed! Just call and they will be there for you!

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