The public bike sharing program Velespeed is truly a unique way to explore North Cyprus. Recently introduced in Nicosia, this convenient biking system is growing in popularity as it facilitates life for commuters and brings explorers up close to otherwise inaccessible sights and experiences on this stunning island. Sunny Cyprus is the perfect place to bike and with Velespeed this can be done in a convenient and fun way.

With affordable prices and 43 bike stations conveniently located around Nicosia, Velespeed is used by work commuters, students and tourists alike. The system is simple: You join on the website, in the mobile app or get a pass from a station kiosk, then you locate a bike station on the maps available online or in the app and unlock the bike, after this it is time to go for a lovely bike ride and finally you return the bike at any of the 43 stations around town. There are affordable hourly, monthly and yearly membership passes available.

Velespeed is passionate about giving you the best biking experience possible and their comfortable and sturdy bikes are all of high quality. They also offer bike tours where you can come along and explore popular places in North Cyprus without any extra charge as well as bike classes for every level. On their website there is useful advice on biking in North Cyprus to make your journey the best possible. Experience North Cyprus in a comfortable, fun and environmental friendly way with Velespeed!