Enkomi Ruins

At first glance the remains of Enkomi may not seem like much – especially compared to the nearby ruins of Salamis – but that is far from true. Enkomi is in fact one of the most important historical sites on the island of Cyprus. During the late bronze age, in the 15th-17th centuries BC, this was a flourishing city and is even believed to have been a regional capital. Copper was the main source of income on the island back then and Enkomi was the big centre of the copper trade in Cyprus. An earthquake eventually put an end to life in Enkomi, and many of its inhabitants moved to the nearby site of Salamis where they participated in building up what is today the well-kept and impressive ruins of Salamis.

Enkomi is today a pretty sight. It is not possible to make out that these ruins once hosted workshops for copper and bronze, temples and dwellings, but with the small stone walls embedded in greenery and the knowledge of the history they hold this is an intriguing and beautiful place worth a visit any time of the year.