St. Hilarion Castle

Pearched on a hilltop and overlooking Kyrenia is the magical and fairytale-like St. Hilarion Castle. As a part of the defense of Cyprus, St. Hilarion Castle was constructed in the 11th century. Today the remains are well preserved and very impressive. The ruins wind along the cliffs of the Five Finger Mountain Range and blend in with the surroundings while at the same time adding beauty to it. With Cyprus’s 340 days of sun each year St. Hilarion Castle is often soaked in sunshine, but when the clouds do appear and surround the ruins the place truly turns fairytale-like. It is said that Walt Disney found inspiration for the castle in Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs from here, and when the clouds gather around the walls it is easy to see why.

Stunning views of Kyrenia and the sea are offered from here and with the surrounding green landscape many people come here for lovely walks. Hiking around St. Hilarion Castle can lead you on to steep paths and uneven steps and it is therefore recommended to be carfeul while enjoying this historic and magical place.